Child Support


Child support issues arise in many different ways.  Child Support is based solely on a math formula.  But, there may be issues that it is calculated incorrectly.

This may be due to the wrong income being used for a spouse, or that the spouse is misrepresenting or omitting certain income to the Friend of the Court.   There may also be issues of whether the proper items are deducted from income or whether they were deducted in the correct amount before the child support was calculated.  Additional issues also include the obligation to contribute toward child care, versus the claims that child care is being charged but is not used.

The number of overnights from the parenting time schedule in the court order that are counted will also have a significant impact on the amount of child support and should be ensured to be counted correctly.

Many times parties feel they can rely on the Friend of the Court, however, frequently the figures used are not correct which results in one party paying more than they should, or one party receiving less than they should.

The Law Offices of Alan B. Cooper will help you to review the financials and answer any questions about how a child support determination will be reached.  We will work hard to ensure that the Court has the best information possible when making a decision about your case.